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Why do we let people have such control over us? Family, friends, people that aren’t even worth our thoughts let alone our anger or sadness. We end up becoming self-destructive and some even throw their lives away after one stupid decision made out of the hurt they received from another human being. Well, I can tell you a fact that will never change – no one is worth it.

I could sit and rant about how unfair the world is or how awful that chick that broke your heart is or how rude that guy that yelled at you on the street was, but I’ll let you in on another secret fact that will never change – no matter how hard you try or how rational an argument you make or even how nice you are to some people, you can’t change them. You don’t have control over anyone else’s thoughts or actions. You can only determine what you do and what you think. And why would you want to waste your precious time and energy on something as immovable as a stubborn, bitter human being?



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Everyone has seen someone go through a heartbreak and has most likely gone through one themselves. Women and men can both have their hearts broken and can hurt and yes, even cry. And all of that is inevitable when someone that you put your faith and trust in tramples over all the past memories and possible future ones you have and could have shared. We are human and we are more fragile than many of us care to admit. The best way to combat this is by taking back control of yourself and your life.

I realize this is easier said than done and in order to accomplish it, you have to take a long hard look in the mirror and within yourself and this is not easy for some people. It can actually be a scary thing, like a full-on Halloween special on an old, fuzzy T.V. in the dark, in a cabin in the woods, by yourself kind of scary. And that’s ok. A way that made this a little easier for me was to keep reminding myself about how much that other person is not worth it. How much satisfaction they would get if they knew how many nights I spent awake or how much energy had been consumed by crying. Seeing that smug look on that person’s face was able to light my fire just enough that I was ready to take back control and feel better. Because remember, they are not worth it.

Grief happens in stages (well, that’s what they say at least) and it takes time. But don’t let it take so much time that it ends up consuming you and your life. Realize that they don’t deserve you and they certainly have no right to control you, and never forget that. Take back your life and also remember – Karma’s a bitch!