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Something just happened that really stopped me in my tracks and put everything into perspective and I wanted to share my freshly realized victory with all of you!

I have been apart of the National English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, since I started at Slippery Rock University and it is the one club that really stuck with me. I have been to every meeting, been an active part in planning events and activities, and have even submitted and accepted to speak at the International Sigma Tau Delta Conference at the end of March of this year. I have to say, the whole thing has been quite a commitment.hdr_std

However, it wasn’t until I received an email last night that made me realize just how much of a big deal my commitment to this awesome club actually is for me along my journey towards recovery.

I don’t know who else here has commitment issues when it comes to social activities, but I am well aware that I lack in the area of dedicating my time to something that isn’t necessarily required and that involves dealing with other people. And then I joined Sigma Tau Delta and I committed a reasonable amount of my time and energy into it last semester and was definitely ready to hit the ground running coming back for this semester. In a meeting yesterday, I was even considering running for an office for the Fall.

Then, out of the blue, I received an email last night addressed to me and one other girl from the club asking us if we would be willing to step up and accept positions in office as Treasurer and PR Representative. Apparently, there is so much going on this semester with the organization that 3 of the current officers were promoted to share duties with higher officers and left 2 spots open in need of filling for the remainder of the semester. My mouth dropped when I read the entire thing and realized, after a moment of reflection, what this really meant to me.

I had not only committed myself to something beyond my “have-to’s,” but I had been involved to the point that my superiors thought of me to ask to help on a higher level with the planning of events for this year. I was honored, but I was also very proud of myself. This is a huge testament as to my progress.

I doubt that the adviser who emailed me even realizes what it has meant to me to be asked but I will certainly show my gratitude and enthusiasm while holding the office, even if only temporarily. These are the little victories that we need to recognize and pat ourselves on the back for. So what if it may seem silly to someone else, because they don’t know where we have been and all that we have achieved since. You deserve to smile and feel proud for every hurdle jumped, knocked aside, or plowed through and never let anyone, especially that little inner voice of your own, tell you otherwise.