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Because of an assignment given for one of my classes during the first week school was back in session, I ended up stumblinf upon a website that through a quick, 10 minute questionnaire, was able to determine my “personality type.” So, being the inquisitive individual that I am, I answered the questions and found the results rather interesting in their accuracy and the depth in which this site went to explain exactly what that personality was and what it meant to have it. And apparently, I am “The Commander.”entj-personality-type-header

According to the introductory page describing this personality type, I am a “natural-born leader,” along with being confident and a strategic thinker. They even go as far as telling you others that fall in your category that you might know because of their fame. I fall among people such as Steve Jobs, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Margaret Thatcher (not a bad crowd to be in for sure!).

Continuing reading about The Commander, I found things to be eerily accurate. From the good traits to the bad, it described me rather perfectly. What was most helpful for me personally, though, was the description of the areas in which my personality type tends to lack in.

A sample results page

A sample results page

Along the path to recovery when you have a mood disorder or an addiction or any kind of mental illness, you are forced to do quite a bit of self-evaluating, whether you like what you see or not, it’s a crucial step in the process. I have certainly done A LOT of this, from my good qualities to my more negative traits, I have analyzed many. To my surprise, the results of this little test showed that many of the things I had concluded myself were pretty spot on. But beyond that, within the pages and pages they give you discussing your personality type (and all this information is free, they give even more but for a fee of course!) I found that most of it was correct but I had never thought about it before.

It was very interesting and I believe helpful in not only understanding myself, but also understanding how I may come across to other people whether I mean what they think or not. For example, “cold and ruthless” came up and although I don’t mean to be that way, sometimes when I know the answer or the way of doing something and everyone around me isn’t on the same page as quickly as me, I can be a bit…let’s say short with them, taking matters into my own hands. I also don’t always have my filter on regarding being brutally- and I mean brutally– honest with people. It’s not that I mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just don’t realize how I come across in a situation where I am only trying to help.

In doing this fun little exercise, I learned a lot but I also knew to take everything with a grain of salt and also to realize that yes, these are my faults, but that doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me human. We all have faults and being able to recognize them and work on making ourselves better is a sign of true strength. And if you are reading this blog or any other one like it, you have already taken at the very least the first big step towards making yourself better if you struggle with a mood disorder, mental illness, or addiction because you are seeking support. You are seeking help and therefore you want to change. Wanting to change and wanting to feel better is the first step, and sometimes it can be a doozey! But don’t stop there, no matter how hard it is, because I can promise you that reaching The Other Side is worth it!