I started this blog at the time that I did because I feel that I am very stable regarding my bipolar disorder. I have never really been shy discussing my ups and dow1112160853.jpgns while battling this illness and I began to find that my openness was actually helping others who struggle with mental illness as well.

There is no shame in having a mood disorder or mental illness and that message is one that I intend to spread. Not everyone feels as though they can discuss their problems with those that are close to them, but here on this forum, I hope to make everyone feel safe enough to reach out and discuss some of the harder things that we all struggle with. No one is alone in this battle and that is important to remember.

Please feel free to comment, like, follow, or contact me directly with any thoughts, feelings, stories, or whatever you would like. I am not a doctor (I am actually an English major!), and I can’t solve everybody’s problems, but I can offer a safe outlet to anyone looking just to talk. Sometimes, a conversation with the right person is all that someone needs to make their day a little better.